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Kedarnath Dham Prasad

Many devotees could not see Baba Kedarnath temple due to Code 19.There is a good news in covid 19 era that devotees from abroad can get Baba Kedarnath's Prasad sitting at home and get Baba's blessings.

It would be better to have the blessings of Lord Shiva directly deliver to our home from Kedarnath temple Uttarakhand

Price of Kedarnath dham Prasad : INR 451/

How to Book Kedarnath dham Prasad online ?

following steps...
* Visit Kedarnath Dham Prasad Booking site
* Go to Kedarnath Dham Prasad section from the menu
*Click on Book Now button
* Proceed to fill email and complete address
* Do the online payment

The cost of Kedarnath Dham Prasad is INR 451/- only.

Kedarnath dham prasad box contents--

After requesting kedarnath prasad, you will get a prasad box which consists following items :
* Prasad
* Two Rudraksha
* Belpatra
* Bhasma
* Coin
* Havan samagri, til and jaw

On buying Kedarnath Prasad online, one would get delivery ofKedarnath Dham box among 10 to 15 days.

Its not a dream anymore! Now you can get blessings with prashadam of Kedarnath Dham at your door steps! Please click here to get your!

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